I’m not even sure where to start on our hair appointment today. We were at the salon from 9-1:30pm. Kora’s extensions took about 3 hours. Then there was the waiting for everything to start for about 45 minutes. Zeke’s took a bit and then there was the much needed McDonald’s run.

Oh yeah and then the fact that Tariku left the way he came in; with absolutely nothing done to his hair.

I did learn a few tricks so I suppose the 5 hour chat fest was worth it. And the fact that Tariku was surrounded by people that look more like him than his family was also worth it for me.

Plus I got to see Jody sweat and stress for 5 hours which is always entertaining.

But the big surprise? I got home and tried my own coily things on Tariku and they’re not too bad for my first shot. You be the judge (but if you’re going to say something bad then just don’t say anything at all, ok?)

I had to add this because…well that’s obvious.

The outside of the hair place.

I introduced Zeke to lipgloss (hi, Andy!) and he wanted me to take a picture of his pretty lips.

My job was to wrangle the other 3 kids and this is how I did it…let lots of “ring around the rosies” happen.

I was helping Kora when she was getting done with her extensions and I turn around and see this. Seriously.

And then this. Tariku said Dailah wanted to snugglebugs and he obliged.

This was the end of the day, can you see the exhaustion in her eyes?

And here we go…Tariku after I did his hair. Now remember, I didn’t use any product so it’ll probably be out by tomorrow but wanted to see if I could.

The back.

And the only top I could get…Tariku wrestling with daddy.

8 thoughts on “Today

  1. Sounds like you had a fun day! Good job on the twists! I do my Abram’s hair with twists a lot! I have him sleep in a do-rag at night and then they last longer. Spray them with olive oil in the morning and he will be ready to go! Good Job Mama!

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