Fall at Camp

I LOVE fall at camp. The colors, the sounds. The frost on the ground that makes me hear the deer that are quite far away (despite my “small” hearing disability). I mean it really is brilliant and I can’t imagine living anywhere but out here this time of year.

And did I mention the pumpkin patch? Love it too.

Besides I get to see these people and that makes everything worth it.

Evidence of her highness being spoiled by her big brother, Tariku.

I’ve become obsessed. Someone take the oil and comb away from me.

But last night he did thank God for me doing his hair so I guess that justifies it then.

This is how she gets us to forget about her indiscretions.

We went to Happy Joe’s Jungle Bungle tonight and the kids had a lot of fun. They got trick or treat bags and Tariku started a revolution by putting it on his head.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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