So…this isn’t a political post at all. I’ve stayed away from politics purposely on hotflawedmama because political views never translate well on blogs (nor do a lot of other emotions quite frankly). Anywho, so this post is all politics aside.

Today Tariku pointed at the TV and said, “Barack Obama, Ethiopia?” I almost cried. He recognized the face as familiar. He had a representation of himself right in front of him and that person happens to be the next president of the United States. Now I don’t think that should’ve been THE reason to vote for him; but I can see how people were perhaps more interested in what he had to say because of the possibility. All I know is that, in a few months, there will be pictures in the white house like there are pictures in my house. Of a white mommy and a black baby. A boy with direct ties to Africa and a mommy from the heartland of the United States. Representations of the multiple colors and cultures in families now. It justifies something a lot of us adoptive mommy’s didn’t know needed justified.

Last night I also saw hope in a lot of people’s eyes who perhaps did not have it before. Whether or not I believe in what he stands for I recognize that. It seemed for the first time people realized what a single person could do. What I’m hoping is that it sticks. That the attitude of “my vote doesn’t count” or “I don’t matter” becomes a thing of the past. Because I do believe in the power of one. Even more powerful than the power of one? The power of one uniting to become the power of many (which you saw last night, obviously!)

Coming together to do things like, say…give clean water to everyone in the world. So are you in? Do you want to continue being a part of something that we’ve been told is not possible in our lifetimes? Whether you voted for Obama or McCain last night, are you still hungry to support a cause that could change the course of history and reunite a world that hasn’t yet realized where we were born holds no bearing on the fact that we are all brothers and sisters?

Sweet…then give WATER FOR CHRISTMAS!

ETA: I just saw this video and I doubt it’s a coincidence. Watch it, even if you’re not a fan of Daughtry (like myself).

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