Did You Know…

hotflawedmama interviewed Barack Obama?

It’s true, all true. About 4ish years ago I worked at our local NBC affiliated TV station. I was an intern that moved to production assistant, etc. Anyhow, when I was an intern in the reporting department a press release came in that an Illinois senator was stumping his health care plan across the river (Illinois is about 3 minutes from the Davenport TV station’s office). So…since it was before his multiple books and before his tremendous ability to make the nation swoon, they sent the intern.

I watched him give his schpeel and then he came to the few reporters to be asked questions. Well the others just sat there but I had genuine questions on his healthcare plan so I asked them. He looked at me the whole time he answered (which is actually rare, if you watch many men closely…when a woman asks a question of a man, he’ll answer and look at a male in the room even if it’s the camera guy).

So anyhow, I told my family about it then but it wasn’t nearly as cool as now (obviously).

So the point of all of that is that you guys should probably start thinking I might be the coolest person you know…and spread the word.

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