You Got $10 On You?

Good…then donate it to Water for Christmas tomorrow. So I’m sure most of you have heard of this little thing they call Facebook, right? Well someone started a “WFC” group on Facebook. That group is now up to 1000 members. By doing a little math (and I was never great at that anyway) one can figure out that if everyone donates $10 every Friday, we’ll build 2 wells. We have 6 more Fridays which would mean 12 wells and countless families.

Should you join us and donate $10 (at least!) tomorrow, who knows how many wells we can build. 42 million? I think that sounds good. So do it, seriously, check the couch cushions and do it. You’re bound to have it in the coats you haven’t worn since last winter. Check it out and then give it to WFC.

I was asked the other day what makes one choose to do something like this. It’s really quite simple for me and many other women and men around the world. Once you’ve been to Africa or held a baby in your arms who was/would’ve been affected by this; you don’t go back. You just don’t. You can’t, you won’t and you don’t want to.

4500 kids die every day because of lack of clean water. That is my Tariku. For all intents and purposes, he should be one of those statistics. But you can’t look at him and see that. Even if you haven’t been to Africa, you know a brother or a sister. Father or a mother. Son or a daughter. That is who these people are. They are a somebody to somebody.

So be a somebody to them. $20 saves an African for life. What does that $20 do for you?

That’s all I know.

One thought on “You Got $10 On You?

  1. I am trying soooo hard to buy the t-shirts for Christmas for gifts and trying to get my account veriffied…blah blah blah. Oh…yes….I stalked all my friends and they too are making videos. I have my video all set to shoot this weekend….it should be hilarious…Can we say Nelly???

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