Happ Happy Friday

Man, the days and weeks are flying by here at hotflawedmama. I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is in another 2 weeks. Could it be true?

Our social worker came yesterday to do her final post-placement report. 6 months. Since this was the last one she’ll do (we are responsible for a new one every year until Tariku turns 18) I thought perhaps there’d be more pop and jazz. But there wasn’t. We raved about how well he’s doing (because he is) and she sat and listened. She left with a quick “good luck” and I offered to plan, organize and run any Ethiopian adoption weekend we might want to have in the state of Iowa. I hope that comes to fruition.

I’ve been missing Ethiopia more and more lately. My brother and sister-in-law are officially waiting for their referral and it makes me so very jealous to know they’ll be in that beautiful land before I will. I’m missing Ethiopia, and thinking about it and completely upset with myself at how little we’re doing to bring Tariku’s culture here. We dance to Ethiopian music every day and have been to an ET restaurant a few times. It’s just not enough.

Blah. In other news…Water for Christmas makes it’s print debut tomorrow. Stay tuned for that dealy-o posted tomorrow.

Oh and then there’s another dance. Made by high school students here locally. High school students dancing for water. They’re awesome and are refusing to hold their enthusiasm for “Water for Christmas” in anymore. Who can blame them?

I LOVE hearing from you!

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