This Morning

Went to go get Trysten’s clothes out for the day and there was a mouse sitting on his hangers. I screamed, threw the pair of undies I had in my hand and ran to the corner, Trysten followed. Zach had to get up about an hour before his usual awake time and “take care of it”. I did help him with my fair share of screams and diving onto the boys’ beds but he seemed more annoyed than thankful for my presence. Needless to say my irrational fear of mouse paws crawling on my arms and legs were less than thrilling for my whole family this morning at 7am.

On a lighter note, I received farm-fresh eggs delivered by Leslie but raised by Kathy(ie) yesterday. I sat down to my 2-egg breakfast this morning and was overjoyed at the sight of those little eggs sitting in their basket. Upon further research (meaning, I ate them) I must say farm-fresh eggs from animals that had a good life before death taste ever so yummy. It’s kind of like a party in my mouth if there was Kanye West playing, my hubby dancing and lots of good food at that party. That kind of party, it was as good as that. I could actually taste the happiness in those eggs. Man I love farm-fresh goodness. Thank you to those wonderful local farmers who are changing the tides for we foodies who take pleasure in life’s simplest joy!

Hope your day started out as well as mine (but not as well as Zach’s!)

P.S. Speaking of local…don’t forget about the auction happening over at the dancing blog! It goes until 5pm today. Yay for local artists!

One thought on “This Morning

  1. I know exactly what you mean about farm-fresh eggs. Love what you’re doing with Water 4 Christmas. (We’re adopting from Ethiopia, so I’ve been following your blog.) We’ll be submitting a video probably the Saturday after Thanksgiving, since we’re set to film it the day after…

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