School in St. Louis

PEGS Dancing for Water

Mrs. K’s class dancing to “Beat It”

Mrs. K’s class dancing to “Thriller”

An Elementary School in St. Louis has decided to Dance for Water. Each student that wanted to “STAR” in their class video was asked to bring in 50 cents. With a student body of appoximately 850 students, we were hoping for a couple hundred dollars. We have collected over $500 so far! Our school has always pulled through when people need them. The staff, students, and families have a heart of gold. A BIG THANK YOU to all the teachers and students participating in these wonderful videos. A BIG THANK YOU to all the people who have already donated and to those who will donate so that other children can have clean water!

hotflawedmama note: This is from my aunt-in-law who is a teacher at this school. I think I get asked on a weekly basis if the Klipschs really are as nice as they seem. I always roll my eyes and say something like, “No, they’re actually nicer than they seem.” I often fail to mention the fact that it goes beyond the Klipschs of the Quad Cities. Papa Frank’s parents did a terrific job raising wonderful children who have been fantastic aunt and uncle-in-laws. Some families really are that terrific and the Klipschs are one of those! Thanks, Aunt Lori!

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  1. Actually I am not a “teacher.” I am a building assistant. I help with any teacher work, office work, lunch and recess duty, and any other odd jobs that need to be completed. I do hope that I help teach the students in some way while they are at our school.

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