Coldy Coldy Day

Today gave new meaning to snow day. Last night it sleeted pretty much all night so this morning Trysten’s school was cancelled. By 9am we were trying to figure out how to keep him entertained. He, like his mom, is not very good at “just hanging out” as we always think of a hundred things that could be done or would be more fun.

We tried this: Daddy and Tariku playing guitars and singing songs.

And taking funny pictures of how big Abe is.

So after 20 minutes of telling him he couldn’t play on the computer or go to the Y 42 times, we decided we were going sledding!

We didn’t realize originally that the ice made it slippery to walk through the snow, especially for hotflawedmama who has no snow boots, just generic Uggs that aren’t exactly waterproof. But alas, I sucked it up and away we went. Told the boys to follow daddy’s footprints (as it was working for me).

Daddy and Doozie took one sled.

The boys and mommy in the other.

Then the boys went down together (dogs following closely behind).

And Doozie wanted mommy to hang with her.

Tariku was LOVING going down by himself. Trysten, like his mommy, is always a bit more hesitant. Tariku was this excited each time.

Then, after loooong naps (Trysten and Dailah and mommy aren’t feeling the best) we made some made-from-scratch Chocolate Chip Cookies. Here are the kids excited about the possibilities.

And then the making of it, the kids and mommy’s behind…

The best part…the batter. MMMM…

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