Love Actually

Presently watching it…presently enjoying it. I won’t divulge how many times I’ve seen it (only because I lost count after 20) and I just love it. It is only partly due to the British accents. Love ’em. But I also agree with the theme of the movie, “Love actually is all around.”

Today was another great day with the fam damily. A bit of arts and crafts this morning.

Then went shopping with my dear sister while the kids took a nap. Never going to do that again. I hate shopping around Christmas. I’m typically very good about having shopping done soon after Thanksgiving but have not been up to par this year.

Must do more tomorrow.

Kids are feeling under the weather. I was diagnosed with a sinus infection on Friday and the junk seems to have settled in my lungs now. Yipppeee!

Love is all around.

In better news, WE DID IT!!!

We got $5,000 on Friday! From the beginning we were hoping we could get enough people to “buy into” $10 Fridays to build a well and it finally happened.

One well in one day. Total is up to $45,000. So sincerely amazing. Is it not?

Today, at the mall, I was reminded why I love giving Water for Christmas. I felt absolutely no pull to go into shops and look at the various gadgets that could “improve my life” when I knew that same amount of money could literally GIVE life. Quite the trade off I think.

Have a happy rest of the weekend. Getting snowed in more and more here in the great, white Midwest. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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