And Today

Today we celebrated Christmas with the Klipschs. Tonight we will go celebrate my sister-in-law’s 22nd birthday, which is very exciting. For now, it’s time for blogging and napping and Wii Music. But first, the blogging.

First one from yesterday…I made breakfast for Papa Frank and Zach’s program director. We “talked” Frank into playing. He was serious about it, I like that about him.

Today I tasked Zach to getting a good shot of the kids. The one on the blog is my favorite but I also like this. This is their natural poses when we say, “Say cheese.”

And then of course we have speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil.

Blankets from Mimi Terre all around that were promptly used as new carpeting.

Quick TO on unwrapping gifts for my nephew, Eli to grab 1 or 2 egg rolls.

Dailah in her new outfit from Leslie jumping off Eli’s box.

Clearly my heart leaps when I look at him.

Dailah’s big present, a princess vanity. Because she needs more vanity?

Tariku’s big present was a bike. I have a pretty sweet group of his expressions when he saw it. This being my favorite.

And Trystens, a drum set. Though it was getting well into naptime, he was definitely excited. More so when we got home and he was bargaining to play the drums instead of sleep.

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