Merry Christmas!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with life, love and lots of laughter! (I’m also a bit partial to good food).

Christmas is, as most of you know, my favorite time of the year. The day never seems to disappoint me and Christmas Eve, yesterday and today has been the best one yet, I think. The kids are just at the most fun age I truly have enjoyed every minute.

Here’s a picture recap of our last couple of days. Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!

It all started at my parents’ house. Watching movies, lots of laughter, opening lots of presents and terrific food. My mom even surprised me with my absolute favorite (okay, it’s a family favorite but this blog is about MY life so that’s what I’m going with) and got Prime Rib from my favorite restaurant in Altoona (The Big Steer). It was so great!

One of the reasons Dailah loves grandma Connie’s house..there’s chocolate at every corner. One particular spot, you can see the wrappers from the chocolate she snuck.

And the many presents.

Tariku’s first Christmas did not disappoint. He’s been so excited we’ve spent most of the last two days telling him to not yell so loudly. Which, I think, proves the success.

A new outfit and purse…which houses gum and chapstick, her two faves.

A precious backpack. More to show you Dailah’s precious pizza belly (she gets that from her mom).

He was equally happy about his name being found on lots of packages.

Trysten received some new games for his Leapster. Just in case a brother or sister roamed by unannounced and asked Trysten if he’d share his game, Trysten chose to hide in a corner and get some good game time.

We also helped frost cookies, and this is what I got to look at instead.

After opening and the aforementioned superb meal, it was time to get home in time to make Santa some cookies and read “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” It was a long, early so everyone in the car did this except for Zach (and only because he was driving). Doozie hoarding her new loot.

After cookies and baths, Trysten wrote Santa a note. Notice it mentions he might want a Nintendo Wii.

The boys each got a Spiderman skateboard (real size) which they were uuber excited about.

Dailah got a chair just like her cousin, Eli. We knew she would like it since she steals his all the time.

We believe firmly in cultivating already natural talents, so Tariku received his first official football…

Well, as the boys pointed out, they were really good this year so Santa did bring us the Wii afterall. This is Tariku and his favorite game (boxing) jeesch.

And Trysten who takes time away from the Wii only to explain to his brother how much better Tariku could be if Tariku did things exactly as he did.

ok, no more lying. I love the Wii. Unfortunately, it does tend to bring out my already competitive nature. Example A, me getting killed by Zach in bowling.

Dailah also got a baby stroller from her Dawson grandparents, here she is telling babies if they don’t settle down they’re in time out.

And last night, after a good meal with the Klipsch side, Dailah wanted to take pictures of us. I obliged.

I LOVE hearing from you!

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