Recently Heard at Hotflawedmama

We’re in the midst of potty training season with Ms. Doozie which is perhaps my least favorite thing of motherhood. The only reason I like it is because there is no shortage of hilarity when it comes to bathroom humor over here. Here’s the latest.

hotflawedmama: Dailah go sit on the potty before lunch.

Trysten: I have to go too.

Dailah watches Trysten as he goes #1. He finishes his business and then goes to sit down. I look in and see Dailah assuming the male stance.

hotflawedmama: Dailah, you have to sit down to go peepee like mommy.

Trysten: Yeah she can’t stand up to go potty because she’s a girl.

hotflawedmama: That’s right, girls sit down, boys stand up.

Trysten: That’s right because girls have jaws.

hotflawedmama: I think the word you’re looking for is “vagina”.

Trysten: Yeah, that’s it.


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