Today was quite the day for the kiddos (and mommy). We were able (compliments of Papa Frank) to go to Disney on Ice. It was enjoyable…people on skates putting themselves in awkward positions has always been entertaining for this gal.

After which we ate ice cream while watching the snow get dumped from the sky. All of this took so long nap times were negated. Though I feared the worst, the kids were quite good right up until (early) bedtime.

The highlight of the night came when I was cooking. Trysten (who is not feeling well again) took his shirt off because he was hot. Younger sibs followed suit. Then they proceeded to practice their best ice skating moves. Not to be outdone, I showed them how I can do a triple spin on our kitchen floor. Almost pulled a groin but their oohs and awwws were well worth it. Love these crazy kids. (And yes, Trysten eats…I have no idea where he gets the frame that could fit behind a baby tree).

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