MLK Junior

Little known fact about hotflawedmama. In 6th grade my class put on a wax museum. I chose to be Martin Luther King, Junior. It seemed perfectly natural to me at the time. We had learned about him, he was totally inspirational to me, so I wanted to “play” him in a wax museum.

I was in a teeny, tiny, town where there was a single minority. That’s it, just one (and he happened to be my boyfriend…hey Mike Breneman!). So I put on the makeup (yeah I know, seemed right at the time) and gave his speech.

I think I’ve been fascinated with him since. As I’ve grown older and been able to read his material and listen to his speeches with different eyes and different ears, it’s become an even bigger deal in my life. To picture what his dream meant at the time and to picture someone on national television discussing what was thought to be impossible is amazing to me.

It’s like when I wrote about wanting to get everyone in the world clean water. It’s like that but bigger. And to think we waited so long for even a portion of it to come true. I know there is still quite a ways to go. Anyone who has been to the southside of Chicago (or any large city) and seen what’s happening there knows Martin’s whole dream has not been realized.

But I have no doubts I owe a HUGE portion of my blessed life to him. My little boy, my Tariku. I have no doubts this little boy would not be in my life if it weren’t for MLK, Jr. I hope I can continue to do my small part in helping America (and the world) realize the full dream but until then, I am just so, so thankful.

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