Adoption Timeline

I’m reorganizing the blog can you tell? So I thought for scrapbooking sake I’ll put this in an actual post. This was Tariku’s adoption timeline. 🙂

Adoption Timeline

4/18/07 Online Registration
4/21/07 Received Application
5/11/07 Sent Application to CHSFS
7/19/07 Pre-Adoption Classes
8/3/07 Turned in Homework
9/11/07 First Homestudy
10/2/07 Final Homestudy
10/13/07 Received Dossier Documents
10/30/07 Sent in Dossier!
11/12/07 Referral for Tariku Asamu!!!
1/25/08 Fingerprints Done
2/7/08 Court Date!
2/8/08 Through Court
3/2/08 CIS In Ethiopian Embassy
3/17/08 Birth Certificate
4/3/08 Travel Date!!!!
4/11/08 Home Forever!

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