You’re Grounded!

Interesting couple days at the Klipschs…

So the boys are grounded. What does that mean for a 3-year-old and 5-year-old? Well it means they spent the afternoon in their rooms with no toys just books. They are struggling with the whole “listen to mom and dad and do what we say” thing at times. Particularly in the mornings. For whatever reason we’ve caught them a few times awake at 5:30ish just hanging out playing with each other. So until they both learn to value sleeping in until at least 6:30 they are on a strict DO NOT GO INTO EACH OTHER’S ROOM IN THE MORNING.

It worked a few days and then it didn’t at all. Tariku was in Trysten’s room (per Trysten’s request, of course) until the minute he heard my footsteps. Boy is that kid fast! He sprinted into his room like his life depended on it (and it arguably did). So at least there’s that.

Anyway, after a long talking to today where I started on some weird rampage about Adam and Eve, I think they finally understand. When we asked what should happen should they not listen again Trysten said, “Give my Leapster to someone who deserves it.”

Yep, took everything in me not to cry. But at least we’re fairly convinced they realize there are consequences to their actions.

But before that happened, I got really cute pictures of them so that in times when I’m really mad I can just come back to these.

Taken by Trysten…

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