Just Your Average Randomness

About 20 times throughout the day I think, “I need to go blog about this.” But since I don’t have a computer until Zach is done with work, most of it is forgotten by the time 8pm rolls around (I like family time before immersing myself in the computer). So here are a few things I’ve thought of…

–Dailah is officially potty trained and it boggles my mind. She seems so tiny. Sometimes when she goes, she lets a little, ahem, gas come out. Every time she’ll say “muse me” (her version of “excuse me”, you’re welcome Leslie). The second time it happens she’ll throw her hands up and say, “AGAIN!” It’s hilarious, I laugh every time.

–Tariku is getting so big. Tonight he put a pair of jammies on that were huge when he came home from Ethiopia. Now, they are stretching to the seams. Should he choose to continue to wear said jammies, there will be holes in various areas.

–I pretty much believe that if you’re not intentionally helping people in life then you’re unintentionally hurting them. That is why my kids pray things at night like, “Thank you that mommy says turn off the light. Thank you that mommy says turn off the water. Thank you that mommy says ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down”. Things like that.

–I can tell I’m getting older not because of sore joints or saggy skin (though those new revelations certainly don’t hurt) but because I like vegetables more. I now like cheeseburgers fully loaded whereas before I’d ask for the “no pickles, no onions” variety. I told Zach I’m 2 steps away from his dad who orders a bowl full of olives at restaurants. Me? I’d choose a bowl full of sweet peppers. MMMMM peppers.

–I read this article and just love it. Because it proves why going with charity: water was a good decision. Not because the dude running it is Christian, but because he’s transparent. That is so important when we’re asking you to give such a valuable resource to this company.

–At the indoor farmer’s market on Saturday a woman walked by with coffee. Tariku says to her, “Mmmm, I love coffee!” She says (with such a disdainful look at me) “Oh but your mommy doesn’t let you drink coffee does she?” He says, “Yes! Just Ethiopia coffee.” I let her know quickly that he’s from Ethiopia and it’s common in his culture to drink coffee from a very young age and really who was I to tell him no when he looks at me with those big beautiful eyes. Something was lost in translation apparently because she kept giving me the skunk eye. Jeese, some people are just so uncultured.

–A well known guy from our community died suddenly of a heart attack on Sunday at 58. He ran marathons, was in great shape and had a heart attack in his sleep. This is hitting me for some reason. I really liked all my interactions with him, he had a heart for this community like I’ve rarely seen and that is certainly one reason. But 58? That is so young. My parents are that age, I think it’s hard when you start losing people that are the same age as you/people you love.

–Today I went to get our prescriptions filled at our local CVS. When I pulled up the woman says, “Are you related to Kara?” I told her that, in fact, Kara was my sister (Kara is the pharmacist there, you see). The woman says, “You looked too much like her for it to be a coincidence.” I felt my chest puff up with pride. We used to always get the whole, “Are they twins” schpeel when we were younger. Hasn’t happened for quite some time, what with my head growing increasingly larger by the day. There’s also the whole issue of her redonkulessly long eyelashes. Either way, I hadn’t heard it in so long I had forgotten how proud I am of being her sister. And how ticked I was that she’s lived in this community for just a few months and already I’m getting asked if I’m her sister. What is up with that?

I think thats it. Man I wish I had some pictures for you but I just don’t. Words. It’s a wordy kind of day.

3 thoughts on “Just Your Average Randomness

  1. Great blog today! I feel the same way, I am always telling Julie “You should go and put that on the blog”. And then we quickly forget what it was.The article on “Charity” was a nice read too. Thanks for the link.

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