Too Much Sweetness

Here’s something you may not know about hotflawedmama: I’m not what one might call “romantic”. Never have been, have tried to work on it because my sugar deserves some sugar but I float dangerously close to the unromantic side. Zach, on the other hand, is romantic. Not in the schmoozy, over the top way, but the “I brought you home a cheeseburger with everything on the side” way. He pays attention and then just does things he knows I’ll like.

Like the other day at dinner, we always go around and tell one thing that was our favorite of the day and one thing that was our not favorite of the day. We did that and then Zach says, “Now let’s go around and talk about everything mommy does for us.” Truth be told they went on a long time (and could’ve gone longer hand they let me interject…joking) but it made me realize that they notice the little things. Little things like crawling under a bed to get a stinky sock so the room stops smelling or wiping off boogers on the walls, those kinds of things.

That’s why I love him. Not because some day tells me to. So we never celebrate Valentine’s Day because, truly, every day is V-day with my guy. (Cue the “awwwws” please).

With that said, I had a rather brilliant day. The only thing I would’ve changed was not having a sinus infection. If that wasn’t around, it would’ve been perfect.

Started the day with hubby letting me sleep in (now that’s my kind of romance!). Then off to the indoor farmer’s market. Our farmer’s market makes me so happy I almost get teary eyed when I pull up to it. All that free-range beef and poultry brings something out of me I just can’t put my finger on. Today at the market was even more special. They had crafts for the kids…

And fair trade Ethiopian coffee for us. I also got to see my friend, Beth, who I’ve been missing lots lately. And then all of these people and vendors. I like to call them my homies.

They were also doing a special where you could buy vegetables or donate canned goods brought from home and they were giving it all to local food pantries. You all know I’m a sucker for a good cause so I stocked up on potatoes and tomatoes for myself and our local pantries which was a pretty rad way to start my day.

Then the kids took off for lunch and naps with daddy while I went to the library (I had a practice for one of my classes). I spent a good 2 hours in the library studying and planning my vegetable garden for the spring/summer. I also ordered a few seed catalogs online and am counting down the days until they arrive. It’s the little things for this gal.

On the way into the library my sister calls to tell me that she gets off work at 6pm and if Zach and I want to go out she’ll babysit. Have I mentioned how much I love having her back? So we promptly dropped them off at her house. Took a few photos of my Valentines.

And of his…

Then it was off to Toys R Us to get a Wii game (with a gift certificate). Barnes and Nobles to get books (with a gift certificate) and then to Old Chicago for Pizza and World Beer Tour (with gift certificates).

It was one glorious day/night that proved nothing fancy in my life needs to happen…I just have it that good.

Hoping yours was half as sweet!

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