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I was tagged by Emaye to give 5 of my addictions. Emaye said one of hers is grammar which makes me wonder how she keeps reading my blog, sometimes my grammar is just pitiful. But she’s rad so I’m okay with it. I just did this with my blog award but, shoot, I have more than that quite honestly so I’ll give another stab at it.

1) Reading. I read for at least a couple hours each day (though I count research on the computer as well). I’m actually a really fast reader so I’m constantly looking for good ideas for new books. If you ever wondered what I would like as a surprise that costs you nothing, email/comment and let me know what books to read. I would love you forever for it.

2) Lotion. I put it on at least once a day. I don’t like it on my hands so much but everywhere else. I’m a freak about it. Which has settled itself on my kids. That’s kind of nice, though, because my kids tell me when they are feeling “itchy” and simply go apply lotion. They’ll have great skin well into their 90s, I’m sure.

3) Learning. Had I not been married and with child in college, I probably would’ve been one of those who went straight through my PhD without stopping. I loved college because of the classes and the 15-page papers and the debates. It was just so fun. I’m still a bit that way, I get obsessed about a subject then rent a hundred books from the library on said subject and whittle away a few weeks. In a nutshell, I like knowing a little bit about a lot.

4) Cracking my toes. Ewww, I know that’s gross. But it’s gotten to the point where it hurts if they need to be cracked and I don’t do it. It’s awful but what can I do about it now?

5) Smacking my hubby’s booty. I’m not sure how he’ll feel about me saying this, but I seriously do it all the time. Once in awhile he’ll tell me to stop but he knows I’ll get sad so that’s a rare occasion. But he just has the best booty, it’s like a magnet for my hand. Best looking magnet I’ve ever seen!

I tag: whoever wants to do this. I want to see EVERYONE WHO READS MY BLOG. Seriously. Addictions are funny. They make me giggle, so commence to making me giggle.

3 thoughts on “Tagged: Addictions

  1. 2 books that have stuck with me lately – you know, the kind that you are sad when you’re done reading and for awhile you feel you’ll never read another book again:The Book Thief – Markus ZusakA Fine Balance – Rohinton MistryI know you’ll just google them so I don’t have to tell you anything more. Addictions:1. Lotion, but always on my hands too, several times a day. So much so that I don’t like to get my hands wet. 2. Chapstick.3. My laptop – I am nervous when it’s not around.4. Chocolate almond milk smoothies with peanut butter.5. Public radio – current favorite show is Speaking of Faith.Well, and blogs too, and now I’m finding a whole new crop of them for my current serious addiction, which will remain nameless:)ciao

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