The Last Few Days

Zach was out of town the last few days on business (I have no idea why I love saying that, but I do). So that left me hubby-less and (obviously) less importantly computer-less. He was only gone Monday through today but it sure felt like longer. That was because Dailah came down with pink eye Monday. This meant we couldn’t take her to the Y’s childwatch. THAT meant that I was stir crazy by Tuesday.

So this morning meant she was no longer contagious and THAT meant we were at the Y as soon as it opened. But really, I did get to go to book club last night because the in-laws watched the kids so I can’t complain that much.

And today was April Fools so I had a hoot of a time explaining this to the kids. THAT meant lots of phone calls to dad to tell him the newest jokes which was great fun for me and probably slightly more than annoying to him.

Tman decided he was officially ready to cut his hair. So I put a few scissor marks to it before Zach got there so we could play it off like that’s how we were going to keep it (April Fools joke #2,600). Here are a few pics of that.



But after daddy asked how he really wanted his hair cut. This is how it came out. I have to say he looks cute regardless.

Oh, and this is how it looks whenever it’s time for eyedrops. Dailah demands the boys hold her hand as I put them in each eye. Cute but slightly over the top.

And my two crew cut guys.

3 thoughts on “The Last Few Days

  1. I know this is wildly inappropriate, but Zach looks H-O-T! Naturally, Tman looks adorable, as well! I just love me a crew cut! Now, if you could just convince your brother-in-law to follow suit…. 😉

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