The Birds

So we have this cardinal at our house. Not inside, obviously, but outside. He wants to come inside. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem except for he might be a bit deranged in his plight to enter our abode; because he runs headfirst into our window. ALL.DAY.LONG. He sits on the windowsill and approximately every 2 minutes just flies into it. Which would be funny if it weren’t so annoying.

I’ll be honest in saying I have been begging Zach to sniper shoot the thing for a good week. But, we live out at camp and so Zach, in all of his infinite wisdom, thought it best to put out the birdhouse the kids got for Christmas (thanks Uncle Frank!) and see if we can let it die a natural slow death American style. By overeating. I thought this sounded like a lot more fun. So yesterday I got the birdhouse out of it’s package and let the kids color it first.

I like seeing the difference in all of their masterpieces. Here is Dailah’s. All pink, light, fluffy. No darkness. The pink matches her lipstick.

Tariku’s. A combination of it all. Likes to get his hands dirty in anything. Sure, he’ll play babies. Oh, you want to wrestle. Of course he will!

And Trysten’s. Knows what he wants and doesn’t understand conflicting emotions. All red, all blue. No room in between.

We also had some visitors during our art fest. Zach (on the horse in front) and a few of his co-workers rode up. What? Your husband does come to your house on horseback?

After we completed the birdhouse we felt like a little baseball game was in order. They even got hotflawedmama to join. I think they were impressed with my skills. Even I didn’t know I was as good as I am when a 6-year-old pitches to me!

Dailah got in on the action. Her processional to actual batting was considerably longer seeings she had to first dust off the plate before she would let me throw to her. Seriously.

Then this morning we went to the Farmer’s Market because I love it so much. Afterwards we spent a small portion of our tax money at The Guitar Center. “Poor” Zach has been begging for an electric guitar for as long as I can remember. He’s had to watch as Christmas after Christmas he sees me get things like Dyson vacuum (love it!) and such. So we were able to get a good deal on a guitar and stuff for him and a small electric guitar for the kids. Tariku was so excited about the guitar he passed up going to a movie so he could go home and play it.

Trysten never passes up a good movie but he also never passes up cool merchandise. These hats will be sold at Camp this summer. Flippin’ sweet.

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