Let’s See…

Do you guys know on the news sometimes how they do the “Around the World in 60 seconds.” bit? Well here’s my version..


–Trysten had his first baseball practice yesterday. Before practice he told me he was a little excited and a little nervous. He didn’t know if he could hit it that hard. Thought it was pretty cute. Came home to find out his jersey number was 15. This was both Zach and my numbers throughout our lives in sports. Could it be fate? Seriously.

–Taught Tariku how to tell a joke. The best joke, really. The one about tickets to the gun show. After he tells it he throws his hands in the air and says, “hey yo”. Kind of makes me pee my pants a little bit every time.

–We broke down and bought cable for our television. We recently paid off a few bills and found just enough spare change in the couch to work it out. They come today. Zach woke up early to break in the new horses out at camp (so he says) but I happen to think he couldn’t sleep with all the excitement and promise of watching the Cubs play in our own home.

–Dailah bumped her head again IN THE SAME FLIPPIN’ SPOT. It got a nice goose egg and probably ruined her chances at those little kid beauty pageants. Lucky for her we had no intention of entering her in one but since she keeps hitting her head we are thinking of outfitting her with a snazzy helmet, which I’m sure is second best to beauty pageants.

I’m sure there is more but it finally stopped raining outside and the kids’ giggles are beckoning me to join them. Hope your day is tops!

I LOVE hearing from you!

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