Relaxed Fun

That’s how I would describe today. We didn’t do much at all, but got some time outside and the whole day was spent as a family, my kind of day. We are quickly approaching summer camp season and thus less daddy time so getting to spend an entire day with him felt like Christmas!

In other news, we are enjoying our cable. The day it was getting installed I picked Trysten up from school and told him the news. His reaction was hilarious.

Trysten: Now we can be a real family!

Hotflawedmama: What do you mean a real family? What do real families do that we don’t?

Trysten: Well every family I know, the kids wake up early and turn on cartoons and the adults sleep later.

That is just funny to me. And, sounds like something I’d be interested in. Between that, and the other fun things he’s brought home from school. Small and incomplete list below:

–Talk to the hand (though he doesn’t quite know how/when to say that)
–What in the heck?
–You’re stupid (though those last two he’s never actually said to anyone, he just told me someone said something mean to him and that’s what it was).
–Mom you can’t beat up that kid (to be fair, he said that AFTER I asked him who called him stupid and then TRIED to say under my breath, “I’m going to hit that kid.”)

There are many more. My kids are all at hilarious wording phases. Dailah because she’s just learning the english language. So she seems to say “penis” a lot but it’s rarely exactly what she wants to say. Tariku because he also is learning the english language. Trysten because he is learning the somewhat adult version of the language.

Good stuff this parenting.

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