I need to take blogging breaks more often. I received a number of emails, comments and facebook messages asking where I went and why I’m not telling you about our days anymore. I really felt the love, people, and appreciate that! So mostly just enjoying life over here in flawedmama land. Here are a few reasons why.

1) Baseball. Though the coaches leave a little to be desired, Trysten is having a hoot of a time. And look how precious he looks in his little uniform.

2) More baseball. Trysten loves playing catch with his dad. His dad loves playing catch with his son. Dad often gets a face that exudes more pride than a man his age should ever show. Though we’re trying very hard not to put all of our passions on our children, when a kid has this arm it’s hard not to. 🙂

3) Wedding receptions. Had one for a high school friend of mine last Saturday. I hadn’t seen her or a few of the other girls there in a LONG time. I’m one of those women who believes very strongly in the power of females and specifically, the power of female friendships. I didn’t know I was missing something in my life but after having spent some time with these girls I realized I missed them more than I thought. My cup runneth over. (sorry bad picture, it was from my phone)

4) The lake. Last weekend after said wedding reception we went to my parents’ lakehouse. Decent weather, lots of fun. Proof is, as they say, in the pudding. Thus, the pudding:

5) Dailah got a hair cut. It was traumatic (for me, not her) but it’s oh so cute. There’s a decent chance it’ll be grown back by tomorrow morning with her hair’s tenacity but I must say she’s cute regardless. And the girl simply loves to be doted on.

What else? Oh yes…

6) Celebrating Julie’s referral for her precious little boy and girl. As you can see from her 126 comments (seriously, 126! If you lined everyone I’ve ever known up, it might reach to 126!) the adoption (and entire cyber) world celebrated with her.

That’s it in a nutshell. Still loving life over here, even more so because the sun is out. The sun is out, I have a husband with the sweetest butt in the world who I happen to love more than anything, kids who could win best children ever and 2 four legged friends who are presently begging for some lovin’. Not a bad life indeed.

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