Is It Still Camping…

when you’re 200 yards from your house?

This weekend was our last weekend before Zach officially starts camp season. This Friday the counselors come, next Monday the kids come. Zach is no longer Zach, he’s Maverick (his camp name). He’s no longer daddy, he’s boss. We’re happy to share him, because he’s great at what he does and we believe in getting kids away from the gameboys and into nature, but we miss him…lots. So we celebrated Father’s Day and went camping last night.

Truth be told hotflawedmama is never excited about camping. Zach asked how I could know I don’t like it since I haven’t gone in, oh, 10 years. It’s simple. I like sleeping in my own bed, I hate bugs, I love uninterrupted sleep and I like having something more than a glorified sheet between me and hungry animals. But, since I love that guy so much I agreed.

And it turned out fun (except for the sleep thing). After a yummy cookout, some games, and some books we tucked the kids in. They wanted to sleep in the same tent together so we let them try. After an hour of their precious giggles coming from the tent we separated them. Dailah and hotflawedmama in one tent, the boys in the other. Which basically means Dailah and I froze with 0 body heat and Zach woke up dripping in sweat. Anywho, worth the memories. And the pictures.

What Zach did when we first got out to the site.

What I did..indulged.

The moment the tent was up, the kids were playing some UNO.

Doozie during gametime.

After books and before all the giggling. Pardon the shot of my legs (seriously?) but they looked so excited to sleep together.

How they were “sleeping” originally.

It was cooooold in the morning.

But warm with lots of love.

Just my lovies.

Not bad for our first ever family camping experience.

8 thoughts on “Is It Still Camping…

  1. PLEASE tell me that the last shot of the boys eating s’mores was them eating their breakfast! haha!! I’m with you, not bugs, no tents, NO CAMPING! You’re a good, good mommy to do it for the kiddos! Oh, and your handsome hubby!

  2. That looked like a great time. We bought a tent years ago and the only time we’ve used it is in our backyard. I think the kids even brought a television out there. I guess that doesn’t count as camping.

  3. Great pictures! The kids are getting really big and of course, very cute! I love the one of D & Daddy. Very sweet.Nathan & I used to camp all the time so I bought a tent this spring so we could start back up. It hasn't happened yet. Hopefully we can make it out at least once this year.

  4. I think that’s the perfect way to camp! We’ve been talking about trying it this summer too, and it is very likely that it may just end up being in our backyard!

  5. Yes, it counts! In fact, the National Wildlife Federation is sponsoring the Great American Backyard Campout on July 27th, so maybe you can do it again then!Jean B. in SC Picture Camping…(

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