We’re Doing it…Again

Adopting that is…

Most of you already know this, probably, or have at the very least picked up what I’ve thrown down on this here blog. Or perhaps it’s the fact that I’ve been wanting to adopt again since we brought Tariku home…tough to say.

So we’re in process. Our homestudy is done. Our agency is chosen and they’ve accepted our application. We’re literally within sight of the exciting part, but…

We are waiting on grant news. So we wait and wait. I’ve actually been pretty patient this time and if you remember from Tariku’s adoption (how could you forget faithful followers?) patience has never been a virtue of mine.

But Zach and I know we’re being called to do this. Probably the last time. To finish our family strong. People always say don’t let money be the thing that stops you from adopting so we’ll go with that. We know if it is a God thing (which we’re pretty certain it is) it’ll be taken care of so we just have to wait.

I’m awesome throughout the day. Taking care of the kids and doing my few hours on the job occupies my mind pretty well. Then I lay my head down to sleep and it fails me. I am a sleeper, you all know that about me, so these last few months of shaky sleep at best is not so fun. It’s like I said in this post, the in between makes for some complicated moments in my brain.

So, in short, we are super excited to be adding to our family again. As of right now we are thinking 2 kids ages 3 and under or so. That could change or it might not. This process could take 6 more months or 2 more years, we just have no idea. But we’re thrilled at the whole thing.

Suffice it to say if you guys have a rich uncle you’ve been hiding from me and he’s recently asked you if you needed a few thousand dollars for anything, keep us in mind. 🙂

Thanks for coming along, for riding this crazy train of mine. So many of you have been the rock that I needed in ways I didn’t even know. The only support when there wasn’t any. The women (and men, hey dad, hey Tony!) who made my crazy seem commonplace and I thank you for that from the deepest part of me. Hope you come along for this ride too because I’m sure there is more craziness, and lots of cookie dough, ahead.

Much love, from this gal.

26 thoughts on “We’re Doing it…Again

  1. I'm usually a lurker but I wanted to give you a big congratulations on the new kiddo(s).I was driving down I-75 today considering what I would do with the $74m that I am eventually going to win and my first thought was "adoption grants." You're first in line.Wish me luck…

  2. Tesi, that is great, congrats!! So jealous, but we need a bit more time before we are ready to jump back on the adoption merry go round!;) so for now we will live vicariously through your journey!! Congrats to you all!!

  3. Welcome aboard the sleepless train! Actually, I know you've been with me all along:)Can't wait to see you guys – we just had visitors, Jeanelle, Todd, Ben and little Gabby. Who is adorable.

  4. Awesome!!! Congratulations 🙂 :)I am so excited for you guys. And siblings under 3. Eeeek!! I am so happy :). Hope to see you Saturday. Congrats a million times. And best of luck with the grant.

  5. Congratulations! That's awesome news. I can't wait to hear all the details as you go through the process again. Personally, I think it's much easier the second time. You say you think you're done after this one, but don't be so sure. We thought we were done many times – we don't say that anymore 🙂

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