Random Cuteness

Was looking through old pictures to see what I hadn’t posted and what might be interesting to put in my scrapbook, er, blog.

Dailah is cute, you know it, I know it, unfortunately she knows it. But what is hard to portray in a few words is this girl’s personality. She is hilarious. Not hilarious in a 2 1/2-year-old way but hilarious in a could-have-her-own-Bravo-show way. I came across this picture and it caught one of her faces. She must have just been talking to herself here, hence the sass. But it’s all about the details. Painted nails, high ponytail, legs crossed with hand underneath. She’s my little button and cracks me up daily.

My sister-in-law, Kait, is in Mexico right now volunteering. She is awesome, whenever I’m with her we have fun. Here’s a picture for proof, just hanging out laughing lots. I miss her a lot and can’t wait for her to come home but am so happy she’s getting such an awesome experience. Love you, sis!

Since I’m never in pictures with my kids I want proof that I was actually with them all day. Sometimes self portraits are where it’s at; however, after this one and all the hair, arms and wrinkles I might just settle on training Abe how to snap pics.

When we were preparing to adopt from Ethiopia, Zach and I would talk about our possible future children. We’d look at other Ethiopians and wonder if ours would have that forehead, chin, etc. NEVER in my wildest dreams did I picture a beauty such as this. The real kicker is his outside doesn’t do justice to his inside. I’ve kind of, maybe, told the kids if they didn’t stay buckled in the car then the police will put me in jail. So Dailah was threatening to unbuckle tonight and Tariku yells frantically, “Stop Dailah! I don’t want mom to go to jail! I need her here with me!” Which made me get a little choked up. Then Trysten chirps in, “Mom, if you go to jail, I want to come with you.” I have some pretty great kids. But seriously, don’t you want to jump through the computer a plant a fat one on this kid? (On a side note, Tariku hasn’t perfected the art of kissing yet. He purses his lips and pretty much gives open mouthed kisses every time. Slightly uncomfortable but cute nonetheless).

5 thoughts on “Random Cuteness

  1. He is really beyond cute, all 3 of your kids are. The other day I was telling Q that I was hoping we'd see you guys at the picnic (????) and I asked if he remembered Tariku. He looked a bit contemplative, then started chanting Tari-ku! Tari-ku! just like the kids in the life book at the goodbye ceremony.

  2. oh my gosh, how do you ever get anything done with all of those cuties! I think I would just stare at their gorgeous little faces all day!

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