Lots of Stuffs

That’s what Dailah says when she’s carrying her baby and purse, etc and that’s what’s been going on at the homestead.

Today Dailah was at swim lessons and went under the water NOT on purpose. Scary stuff but when she was done I asked her if she was thirsty, “No, mom, I drank the pool.” Hilarious.

Work junk is happening with me, hard to believe since I work a mere 7 hours but it is. What doesn’t kill me will make me stronger, right? Anyway, have I mentioned I hate drama?

Today Tariku bumped his head pretty hard on a chair. It was the first time that he ran into my arms and just melted. Typically he would stand alone until I called him over to me. Another moment in our ongoing relationship that showed he trusts me to comfort him, to love him regardless. My heart bleeds for my boy.

And then MJ. Who knows why its devastating to me. I’m too young to remember him when he was cute but I’m perfect age to remember him at his best. His best coincided with some of my first concrete memories and they all involved my family. Dancing, laughing and trying very hard to moonwalk. Love MJ for those memories.

More pictures soon!

One thought on “Lots of Stuffs

  1. Great strides with the bump on the head. I remember EXACTLY when Z finally did that with me and I had NEVER been so overjoyed to see him get hurt. It's a big, big deal, and I'm so happy T is at the point where crying and running into your arms is natural for him. Hooray!

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