Matthias Weekend at the Lake

This weekend we went to my parent’s lakehouse where most of my mom’s side of the family would be housed for 3 days. I’m kind of without words because it was a most perfect weekend overall. I was able to have great chats with cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents that I don’t get to see nearly enough. And perhaps most awesomely (yes, it’s a word) the kids had so much fun with their second cousins that it left copious amounts of time for me to fry my skin regardless of how much sunscreen I used. The weekend in pictures…

The kids with my 1st cousin once removed, Sophie.

My siblings and my kids and their siblings.

Tariku is OBSESSED with this thing. Was on it for at least 3 straight hours.

My most favorite part of the weekend was when the boys “volunteered” (read…”were forced by me”) to ski for the very first time. Initially they wanted my brother, Marcus, to help him in the water. So eldest was first. Putting on skis was essential for obvious reasons.

And the process.

He did really well the first time. Actually stood up for a few seconds. Then fell and didn’t let go of the rope so proceeded to gulp lots of lake water. After which he decided he wanted mommy in the water with him. Two shots and he was done. Little brother’s turn. Tariku was excited while Trysten was nervous leading up to the big ski. First time Tariku toppled forward and gulped the remaining lake water left behind by Trysten. So twice and he was done as well. Good times had by all, I think. Here I am helping little brother.

Then my grandparents (who each had birthdays this weekend AND celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary!) and my cousins, 1st cousins once removed.

Here we have my grandparents and 3 of their 5 kids, with spouses.

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