On the 3rd of July

We have had the pleasure of spending some QT with Zach the last few days because camp closes on the 4th weekend on Wednesday. So yesterday we decided to have kind of a relaxing day.

We went to the minor league baseball game for approximately 5 minutes. It was packed, the kids were hungry and there was still 3+ hours until fireworks. So we decided to head to one of our favorite restaurants instead, Woodfire Grill. After that, we had just enough time to head to the Y. There are many perks about having a father-in-law/grandpa as CEO of the YMCA and one of those is sitting on the roof during fireworks display.

The kids had a great time and were extremely well behaved considering they didn’t go to bed until 10:30 which is a whole 3 hours later than usual. And did I mention they slept in until 8:30 today? Hallelu!

ETA: The boys decided to wear their Ethiopian sweat bands. When we were at the balloon table a woman and Trysten/Tariku had this conversation.

Woman: Where did you get those?
Tariku: Home
Trysten: Ethiopia

Woman: Ethiopia! Have you been there?
Tariku: No
Trysten: No, but he has.

Woman: You’ve been there? Are you just visiting?
Tariku: Yes
Trysten: No, he used to live there but now he lives with us. He’s my brother.

Needless to say, Tariku gets a little confused when asked questions from strangers and Trysten is both happy to translate and to show off his brother.


Tattoos of our most favorite organization.

Amid our 5 minutes of the game.

An awesome dad is he.

Of the kids during dinner.

Upon completion of his entire grilled cheese Tariku pointed to the empty plate and said, “That makes me very sleepy”. (Note: it was already 1 hour past bedtime at this point). So his idea was to go up to the Y, take a nap and then have me wake him when the fireworks started. Didn’t turn out that way but this was his A+ effort.

The kids are lucky to have this guy as a grandpa. He was a jungle gym most of the day and finished strong at the end of the night. I love this picture.

3 thoughts on “On the 3rd of July

  1. So cute!! All of the pictures are so adorable. I love the sweat bands, the boys sitting on gpa and of course the stories of your family. You guys are such great parents.

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