On "Where I’ve Been" or "A Week in Review" or "These Kids are Cute But Why Are They Calling Me Mom?"

Is Wednesday a lucky day for my blogging? I guess so. This might be a bit disjointed as I’m watching So You Think You Can Dance and just got over my ugly cry at the breast cancer dance by Melissa and Ade. Beautimous.

So let’s see. Tariku finished up his week at camp. I saw my first signs of what I like to call “bearcat-tastic” in Tariku. He swam twice a day, didn’t receive any nap time at all and this made for some interesting evenings. I must say I’d take his bearcat over a certain Ms. Dailah’s any day. But felt good (I guess?) that he’s feeing secure enough to show me this side. Am thankful it’s only when he’s super tired.

Work stuff is kind of (hopefully) working itself out. Lots of meetings on my part, not much sleep, a few tears and more frustration than one person should handle for 7 hours of work but it’s still totally worth it. Our YMCA is tops!

Got to see the Harry Potter movie. My only disappointment is that I’ve seen it just once. I’m consistently amazed at how well they get the movies when they basically have to translate a 1000 page book. I REALLY love Harry Potter and I was pleasantly surprised by it all.

This past weekend I was able to attend a shower/bachelorette party for a good friend from high school. It was SOOO nice to see her and a few others that I hadn’t seen in awhile. It’s one of those things that just about brought me to tears to be able to say that I knew all of them. Awesome people, good times. I’m sure you won’t be the only ones who are surprised to hear I saw 2am for the first time in awhile. As I told another friend of mine, the only time I’ve been up to see the clock strike 2am is when I’ve been birthing. I assure you, this was MUCH better.

A funny story…my mom was not blessed with great dental genetics. I can attest to the fact that she undoubtedly has better dental hygiene than I do. Alas, her teeth are, in a word, “crap”. So this weekend she lost one of her molars. Not surprising for her, as it was fake to begin with. This was FASCINATING to Trysten because he knows all about grown up teeth and how they’re not supposed to come out. After much discussion and staring at the tooth, he returns to his coloring. All of a sudden he looks up and says,
“I know what we should do with the tooth! We should make it into a necklace!”

That’s hilarious. Now would probably be a good time to tell you Trysten LOVES shark tooth necklaces. Now would also be a good time to tell you the wayward tooth made my brother’s girlfriend dry heave. The mention of a tooth necklace made her throw up a bit in her mouth. I found it gloriously funny.

Finally, my daughter turns 3 this Sunday. My daughter, my baby. The little girl who was born breathing by machine is now a living, breathing, thriving little girl. The thought is extremely hard to grasp. That and the fact that 3 years ago almost to the day I was swimming at my parent’s lakehouse and a fish came up and bit me on the belly button. That’s not a lie. I have a picture of the fish’s lip print on my outtie button. Interesting fact.

That’s all. It’s 11pm, now I’m seeing Conan for the first time since 2001 and I have no idea what I just wrote.

That was so crazy, I apologize. But stay tuned for tomorrow when I tell you about coming across papers written by Zach in high school. I’ll give you a little nugget of goodness, “The sun acted as if it were a buffet, distributing life to all living things.” Yup, he’s amazing and that’s hilarious.

5 thoughts on “On "Where I’ve Been" or "A Week in Review" or "These Kids are Cute But Why Are They Calling Me Mom?"

  1. Okay the tooth story cracked me up, I love the idea of putting it on a necklace but then who get's to wear it? My vote goes to your brothers girlfriend, it would make a beautiful gift for her:)

  2. Love the tooth story and can I tell you that I cannot wait to read more quotes from Zach's high school days- very funny. Always throw away old papers. Always.

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