I have been watching re-runs of The Office and 30 Rock the last few days and have pretty much been laughing the entire time. Then last night we went to the local minor league baseball game with the rest of the Klipsch family. My brother-in-law, Jake, found Zach’s high school writing portfolio and seriously, this is what dreams are made of.

Let me start by saying I have a really intelligent husband. He just is. Unfortunately, after what you’re about to read you may question that. I urge you to consider the facts: he was 17, hormonal and precious.

My personal favorite is “A Ladies Man” (Note: I won’t change his punctuation):
–Many men believe that in order to get a women to like them that they need a Brad Pitt face and a Arnold Schartzennager body. Well, I am here to say that that is not entirely true.
–Nothing pleases a lady more than to sit down with a man and have a long, extended, deep conversation.
–Women are smarter than men think.

Here’s a few quotes from a gem titled, “Unknown Paradise”.
–I can almost taste the orange sherbet sun as it’s glow shines over the end of the break of water.
–Suddenly, like a squirrel showing his face from behind a tree, the sun peaks his face up to brighten what was once a dark lost world.

There’s more, of course, but those are some of my favorites. Just so we’re clear, those papers were for his Advanced Writing class.

That there is public school circa 1999. We’re so proud.

3 thoughts on “Laughing

  1. I thought his writing was quite superb—even if he did spell California's gov's name wrong. He is right, huh?, that women are MUCH smarter than men think. Or is it that women are SMARTER than men??? He learned THAT lesson well!

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