Fair Friday

This Friday we headed to the Iowa State Fair. Good times. I’m distracted, so that’s about all I have for you in words. But the pictures!

So much food, so little time. First stop was porkchops on a stick and beer.

If there’s something to climb on within 10 feet, this kid is on it.

It does sometimes get ridiculous how spoiled she is with love from her brothers.


Always fans of tattoos.

My babies, oh my babies!

Yup, there were these too. Didn’t try them because even I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

This too. One of my mom’s favorite but the name threw me off completely.

Quite excited about the whole thing.

Ok, so I enjoy taking close ups of this face.


Iowa State Fair…famous for cows made of butter.

Obligatory brother shot.

The big yellow slide, a success for everyone but Ms. Dailah.

2 thoughts on “Fair Friday

  1. I got to experience all the glory of the Iowa State Fair last year. I still can't get the image of Freight Train out of my head, did he live another year to reclaim the title of "Champion Big Boar"?

  2. Do you ever wonder what people who live in countries without enough food would think if they saw that we have SO MUCH food that we just make giant animals out of it….and then probably throw it away? This was my first thought when I saw those butter cows on tv. It seems so weird!

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