On 1sts

1st grade. Ugh. It only gets worse, doesn’t it? 🙂 I actually think this was more difficult than Kindergarten. It was probably because he’s going to a new school, getting on a big yellow bus. New kids, knowing no one. I hardly slept last night worrying about it. He’s such a fragile one, this one. I don’t want kids to beat it out of him, or rather, I’m sure it’ll happen I just don’t want it to happen yet. My baby boy.

Anyway, Zach asked if he wanted to ride the bus the first day or have him (daddy) take Trysten. He opted for the bus. That’s how excited he was about it. In fact, he said, “Well, that’s a tough choice. I love daddy but I really want to go on the bus.” Pretty cute.

Lest I start balling over the computer I’ll commence to the pictures.

First, unpack your backpack last night.

In his class.

Happy for his brother.

Rodger Craig, apparently a good football player once went to Trysten’s new school. And no, in case you were wondering, this is not one of the reasons we chose it. 🙂

She packed her own backpack in hopes she could just sneak in.

And today. First day of school, waiting for the bus.

Getting on the bus. So excited. Thankfully I was hiding behind the camera so he couldn’t see a tear slip out. Sniff, sniff.

8 thoughts on “On 1sts

  1. I agree it does get tougher. They only get older and I never want to let them go. He is adorable and I bet he is tougher than you think. Very cute pictures!!

  2. Thank God I was in the car when I dropped Stud Muffin off for the first day of HIGH SCHOOL last year, cuz I balled like a baby all the way to work. You're so right, it DOESN'T get any easier.

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