So Sorry!

I have NO idea how that last post happened. Thank you so much, Nicole and Adam, for letting me know it was on. I didn’t actually see the post, but they told me there were X rated happenings so I quickly deleted it. No idea how or why it happened or how to avoid that in the future.

Maybe it was because I’ve been slacking on my blog? šŸ™‚

Just wanted to make sure you knew it was a family show here on hotflawedmama and only now did I realize my blog name could be interpreted as saucy instead of ironic.

Thanks again friends for letting me know and I apologize if my last unintended post seared the eyes of my youngest followers.

Another update coming very soon, I promise.

2 thoughts on “So Sorry!

  1. I didn't know how to get ahold of you otherwise I would have let you know, too! šŸ™‚ I KNEW it was a computer issue not an author issue so no worries. Funny thing though, before I saw the pictures I saw the title of the post and it looked like it was in Amharic so I thought I might get an Amharic lesson or something. ha!

  2. I thought the same thing: is that Amharic? And wow! What an Amharic lesson that was!Is it probable that somebody hacked your password or something like that? Just in case, I would immediately look for a 500% harder to guess password.

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