One of

the funniest comments that came from the post with the person that has way too much time on their hands came from this family. Jud, the patriarch, let Jessica, the matriach know that “hotflawedmama has quite the crotch shot!” Ooooh, that’s just sad and hilarious. I assure you, there will be none of that happening here. PG13, I promise.

So we’ve been busy here, too busy to even take pictures it seems. Here’s the short list:

–Had another ER visit on Thursday. This time for Trysten. Again at the Y he bumped his head. There was a lot of blood (there always is with head wounds) and a lot of freaking out by the poor Y staff who was mostly made up of late high school age people. They called 911 before they came to get me in class so that by the time I was there for just a few minutes, the paramedics arrived with the traveling bed and all. I felt that I had no choice but to take him to the ER even though it didn’t look that bad. We did and he didn’t need stitches. We were, however, just a few beds away from a person who possibly had H1N1 so it was comforting knowing just 2 bedsheets separated us from that.

–Zach ran his first sprint triathalon. We were very proud of him for finishing it and for doing a good job despite very little training. Wasn’t able to make it to watch as all 3 kids had soccer games but were definitely there in spirit.

–Dailah actually tried for 10 seconds in soccer. I’m not sure if I should mention that Papa Frank had to heavily bribe her and Eli with gum but nevertheless, they went for it. Those 10 seconds gave me just the smidge of hope I needed to put all of my hopes and dreams on her tiny little shoulders.

–We have no weekends open for another month. With bachelorette parties and weddings, we won’t see a free Saturday for a long time. It’ll be great times, though, so we’re all very excited about that.

–Things are gearing up for Water for Christmas. I can’t wait for it to start. Big things happening, huge things. I really hope you’re ready for it all because there is going to be so many ways for you to get involved. So many really, really, cool ways to save lives in Africa.

That’s about it from this gal. I hope your last few days of amazing weather have been filled with fun, family and friends like ours!

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