You Can Find Me, In St. Louie

That’s where we are this weekend. My cousin-in-law is getting married this weekend. We would’ve come down anyway but then she was kind enough to ask Dailah to be a flower girl and, well, I’ve had a bargaining chip for the last few months that I will be sad to see go tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to blog about the flower girlness because, as you can imagine, Dailah is more than excited. And Amy, well she’s been a perfect bride. She sent her a little card and a flower girl book and has been the most perfect accomplice in this most perfect of bribes. We are all VERY excited to see our princess walk down the aisle.

Anyway, we decided to make a bit of a family trip out of it as the two boys didn’t have school anyway yesterday and today. We pulled them out Wednesday and came over then. Zach’s aunt and uncle have been so kind as to let us stay the last few nights but we thought we’d do them a solid and move into the hotel tonight. I’m sure they really enjoy kids who don’t have control over their voices and things but we’ll take our posse and move on out.

Since all of Zach’s extended family lives here, we’ve had great ideas (and coupons!) for fun things to do. Yesterday we went to the Magic House. If you’re ever in St. Louis with kids, this is a must. They had SO MUCH FUN! I forgot my camera (and I just heard you suck in your breath from St. Louis, I know, how dare I call myself a blogger!) so all you get are phone photos. I think the fun still translates.

Today Zach is golfing with uncles, cousins and grooms-to-be oh my! So I have the kids to myself, I’m thinking of pulling off a super mom feat and hitting up turtle park and St. Louis zoo. Until those pictures (camera is already in purse) here are these!

Trysten was really enjoying his time collecting money from his mom.

They have the static ball here as well. No one’s as impressive as mine for obvious reasons.

One of Trysten’s favorites (fairly sure he was a monkey in a past life, the kid LOVES to climb). He is shown hiding from Tariku at the top.

You could catch “fish” then walk a few paces and watch them “swim” back. Loved it.

Her favorite place. A true-to-form kitchen. Ohmygoodness her excitement was palpable.

Her second favorite. Here shown ringing up this nice gentleman’s groceries.

Tariku ended up being a great pizza chef, which made me so proud.

Zach loved showing them all of the science and math stuff, during those bouts I could be found sucking my thumb in a corner begging for the library.

Honestly one of my favorite parts was the “Did you know”s throughout the place. Here is one of my favorites (also for you, Cathy). Everyone knows 4-year-olds ask a lot of questions but APs of Ethiopian boys know 4-year-old Ethiopian boys ask 10x the normal amount.

At the end of the day, we had a great day.

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