The Zoo and Rehearsal

Friday in St. Louis found me with the kids at the zoo in the morning. In the afternoon was the wedding rehearsal and dinner. It really was another fantastic day. The zoo was a little overwhelming; did you all know the St. Louis zoo was huge? So we tried to to just hit up the stuff that can’t be found at our local zoo. They enjoyed themselves, I got a good workout pushing the stroller to and fro, success!

How the day started. Can you see the attitude beginning? I knew we might be in trouble when I saw this.

Enjoyed the bears and apes.

Last thing we did was pet the stingrays (sans stingers). They were very weird feeling. The huge ones were all scratchy. Fun but weird.

Final picture. Good thing they’re cute.

Then the rehearsal…Dailah practicing her walk down the aisle.

Practicing posing for pictures.

Having fun with daddy.

My beautiful sister-in-law, Kait, and myself heading to the rehearsal dinner.

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