Another One

We had another wedding this weekend. This time both Zach and myself were in the wedding so we shipped (I mean, sent) the kids to my parents house. Since all the pictures I received of them they were: 1) making cookies, 2) carving pumpkins, 3) in their jammies in the afternoon, I’m guessing they had lots of fun. Well, I was guessing until they came home and TOLD me they had fun. So much fun, in fact, that Trysten said he, “even forgot about you”. So that’s good, I guess.

We had a lot of fun but didn’t forget about them for a minute, if you can believe that.

My camera ran out of batteries so I’m waiting on other people for pictures. Until then…

Lots of water things happening still. I’ve been so busy with the weddings and water planning that I haven’t been able to blog about water stuff. But there is so much happening and it’s all so exciting. Go to for full details. Tony and Julie, I have not forgotten about you, please forgive me.

Until the blog about specifics, here’s a video I saw on Jody’s blog that I loved. Because man does it ring true for me sometimes. I honestly think I would be the one hugging the balance beam more often than I already do if I didn’t have a husband who challenges me to override that tendency. And then there’s all of you. My fellow bloggers who are such good people doing little bits or lotta bits to change either the whole world or their part of it who inspire me to put both feet on the beam and try again; regardless of how many times I fall.

Thank you so much for that.

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