Ode to Woody

Last Saturday we had another wedding. This one took us (sans Zach who had Family Camp to run) back in my hometown so I could stand up with one of my longest and bestest friends. This friend, Laura Wood or, as you know I’m a fan of nicknames, “Woody”, and I have been friends for close to 20 years.

The wedding was beautiful, as was the bride, and did I mention lots of fun? But very nostalgic for me as well. Though I don’t remember the first time I met Woody, virtually every other fond memory from grade school and beyond has her next to me. At first glance we couldn’t be more different; she’s shy, I’m not. She’s short, I’m not (that’s a joke, we’re both short). I was not always the nicest friend, she was the first one to show me grace time and again. Truly, I’ve never deserved a friend like her but she forgave me and accepted me as I was anyway.

I suppose that’s the gift of getting older (though I know I’m still quite young) being able to get to know yourself a little better and thus know the relationships that have affected and are affecting you as well. My friendship with this little lady has indeed been one of the most profound blessings of my short life. And if you can’t tell how much I love her by my words, just look at that smile I’m sportin’.

Front row seat to the action. You should be proud of me, I only teared up a few times.

Look how precious they looked!

Helping Dailah out with the hair. She sure does love dresses and shoes, that one.

I suppose I should include a picture of the man that has made my buddy the happiest she’s ever been since it was their day and all.

Myself, Allison (Woody’s sister) and Ahnna in the limo.

We stopped at a park (though quite frigid indeed) to take a few pictures before the reception. We took the perfunctory jump picture. Hotflawedmama (far left) was in good company on the female side of the aise. Woody is an ex-cop. Ahnna is as well. Tina (short hair) is a firefighter and Allison is in high school, in her prime.

My reaction to seeing the kids at the reception. It never gets old looking at them and calling them mine.

Hotflawedmama and Woody (new nickname is “Buffy” to represent her new last name).

The five ladies pictured here were part of “the gang”. We all played basketball together for 10 years straight. The 5 of us were the starting team our senior year of high school. The gentleman were 3 of our high school coaches. Pretty surreal to have us all together like that. Pretty rad too.

The gang sans coaches.

The new hubby and his bridesmaids.

When I have a babysitter I take full advantage (thanks mom and dad!) so we went out afterwards. Here I am at an ungodly hour with Ahnna and one of my other besties, Danielle “Tower” Bird.

Thanks for walking with me down memory lane. My mom and grandma will love this post! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Ode to Woody

  1. Just have to say; you look stunning hotflawedmama! And the kids of course look adorable as usual. Glad to hear you had a good night out on the town. Fun stuff!

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