The Race

Yesterday was the run/walk 4 water. Jodi and Brenda did an amazing job setting up and organizing this event. There are so many stories of crazy things that water has done to people. Like a random guy from Kentucky sending $220. Those stories are a dime a dozen in this whole thing and it’s honestly one of the most amazing parts of this story.

But back to the race, it was just fabulous. Lots of fun, kind of cold but lots of clean water was found because of it.

And because my family and friends are amazing, they showed up. My parents drove the 2 hours there and back in one day just to support the cause. My brother and Lindsey also brought little Bentley. Jake, Leslie and the boys were of course there. But then there were friends like my dear Beth and Jared Johnson. Janet Hill and Chrissy and Jason Smith; all getting up REALLY early, putting kids with babysitters to drive 45 minutes to walk4water. I am verklempt just thinking about them and the whole thing.

You can find all race pictures here and they are worth the gander. I, of course, forgot to load the camera with new batteries (I blame the early morning wake up call) so these will have to do. Thanks, Cassie!

Zach brought the dogs and finished waaaay ahead of us.

The first mile, no problem.

On the way back we picked up one nephew and lost my friends, also had an incident with Doozie’s gloves but finished anyway.

Jake and Leslie ran and strolled the big boys. That’s a lot of weight to be pushing!

Watch this and try not to cry or goosebumps as you watch these people race for their brothers and sisters in Africa.

4 thoughts on “The Race

  1. So badly wish we could have participated in this! Went through all the photo's at Jody's site. So very cool. I haven't watched the video yet for fear I'll start crying. Not the time for that right now. PMS mode and I'm sure it would result in big tears and ugly cry.

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