The Peeps

Tonight I got to talk to Cindy of this blog. It’s always a little surreal talking to people who I feel like I know because I’ve followed their blog for over 2 years. I’ve even “talked” to Cindy on Facebook a time or two. Through email when they went to Ethiopia before we did and I told her to try to look in on Tariku. She was one of the families who, after receiving their call to travel to Ethiopia, asked if we were in their travel group. Told their social worker that we should be in their travel group and that we deserved it. In short, it was families like these that were my saving grace in those darkest of times waiting to get sweet Tariku.

And I got to talk to her today, which exceeded expectations. In hindsight I probably should’ve waited a few minutes before calling as I had literally just rolled out of bed from a nap and still had “morning voice” (at 5pm, so sue me). My “morning voice” just so happens to sound more like Zach than myself so I’m hoping I didn’t scare her off.

A month ago our old adoption agency shut down their online forum where adoptive parents met to support and encourage one another. This part of the forum I credit for the many invaluable relationships I’ve grown to love, rely on and trust in. It also, more importantly on this leg of the adoption journey, was a great place for APs to go to discuss adoption issues, child rearing and various other topics. It was, in all honesty, one of the reasons we chose CHSFS. But they shut it down.

And today, after getting the chance to talk to Cindy who I would’ve never “met” had it not been that forum, I’m mourning the loss for the APs coming behind us. But am so, so thankful for bringing some amazing women and men into my heart.

3 thoughts on “The Peeps

  1. I, too, was saddened at the loss of the forum, as some of the most poignant and vulnerable friendships that I have were formed there. God provides such amazing comfort to us in the form of relationships, doesn't He?

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