We decided to go to a different church yesterday. It was a church we had been wanting to go to for many years because we know the Reverend and admire him personally and professionally. He used to work at the Y before he became a Reverend so he’s been a family friend of my husband’s family for a looong time.

Anyway, the church we went to is a Baptist church, with about 99 percent of the members being African American. We promised each other that we’d surround Tariku with as many people as possible that look like him so he wouldn’t feel alone or weird for looking different than we were. Plus, we knew it was just as important for us to feel what Tariku feels most days.

I’m going to tell you, the church was amazing. I’ve NEVER been met with such open arms at a new church. When we walked in it was hugs, handshakes and high fives everywhere. “How are you doing”s and “God Bless you”s also in abundance.

And my Baptist brothers and sisters can WORSHIP! The 2 hour service (a tinch longer than the ones we’re used too. :)) was very powerful for us, and I found myself choked up a time or two. Just powerful.

Because, as Reverend Parker said, “We’re not in a museum, we’re not in a library, we’ll worship God and we’ll call out to him because we need him and he needs to hear us say it!”

It reminded me a lot of our time in Ethiopia. A little different in that I could understand what they were saying yesterday, but the heart and soul behind the praising and the worship was the same. It was between them and God, and it didn’t matter who was a witness.

Beautiful thing.

And Tariku? He did his infamous Ethiopian stare. It was pretty obvious he was comfortable in his seat. It was pretty obvious, when he stood to clap or yelled out, “Thank you, Jesus” that he knew what he was doing. It was pretty obvious that that boy is a child of God and knows it.

We know it too, my God yes we do.

4 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Tesi… I was reading your blog the other day and saw that you have an etsy shop dedicated to water for Christmas… I tried emailing you but it didn't link correctly (or I'm an idiot) but I was wondering how to donate to the shop? And do the hand made items need to b "water related"? I started knitting again and was going to try to knit some handmade stuff for your guys' etsy shop… Also if I can just bring the stuff to you out at camp or does it go to Jodi (I think that's who runs the etsy shop right?) If you could email back that would be awesome ( Thanks!

  2. That's GREAT you all got to experience something so different! I was also very moved & felt so in presence of God when I attended a service @ an African Methodist Episcopal church in Alabama as a part of a mission group I lead. The passion, openness, & gospel music was so incredible! Kudos to you guys… 😉

  3. Hey I'd love to get you some shirts.I didn't mention buying on the blog because I haven't figured out the shipping thing. We are printing them in youth sizes starting later this week and we are currently printing them in women's sizes as well. The youth shirts are white with the brown writing and the women's shirts are either light blue or pink (not sure if this is light or dark I should have some of those shirts by tomorrow). E-mail me and I'll send you my phone number.

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