Found us in Peoria, IL to meet my mom’s side of the family to celebrate the holidays. I love doing this for many reasons but the main one is simply because I always have fun with that group of people. How can you not have fun when there is a lot of card playing and whiskey drinking. Germans, what else would you expect?

There’s also the small bit about going to a hotel and letting the kids swim until they’re sufficiently prune-y.

Just in case you don’t believe me that Zach is the best daddy in the world, here’s proof. While I sat on the sidelines and took pictures (by that I mean I read my Esquire magazine) he was in the water swimming with the kids and throwing the kids and acting like a dolphin. He’s seriously the best.

Not quite able to swim on her own, she got a lot of daddy time.

Look at his smile. Seriously smiles all the time.


Pretty sweet cannonball if I do say so myself.

This cracks me up. Look how skinny he is. Jumping with no fear, love it.

Doozie getting thrown.

Playing cards.

An enthusiastic game of Headband, that would be my mom with her arms raised in victory.

Trysten playing slapjack with my uncle and grandpa. After coming home and playing with me, I had to make an apology after noticing how bad he cheated.

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