I’m seriously considering just using the day of the week in the subject line every time.

Yesterday after getting back from Peoria and taking long naps we decided to decorate for Christmas and pick out a Christmas tree. If you’ll remember from last year we’re huge fans of the trees with more personality, and did I mention free? So we did that again. Haven’t taken pictures of the final product yet so you’ll have to wait on that. I know, you’re on the edge of your seats.

Trysten up close whilst looking for the tree.

Tariku close up whilst looking for the tree.

How Tariku carries everything. Seriously, Trysten has tried to do this and can’t do it for some reason. Tariku, on the other hand, just swings it up and there it sits. It’s a testament to nature over nurture, I think.

I know it’s dark but this is the moment when Zach taught his boys the fine art of farmer’s blow. Mmmm.

Dailah close up whilst looking for the tree.

I do love Christmas. Even though I had begun to feel under the weather, Christmas music, decorations, it all brings me back. Love it.

The africa we won at the Wine to Water party. Isn’t it amazing? I seriously love it.

Just a little perspective on how big Abe is.

Abe dancing with me during Christmas music. He loves it.

One thought on “Sunday

  1. Holy Moly Abe is HUGE! And you are rocking the sweat pants Tesi, I love it! I tried finding some the other day but no luck. I have worn through all my old school pairs.

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