Snow Day!

It’s supposedly been the worst blizzard in 30 years last night/today. Trysten’s school was canceled today (which is very exciting to me, I love having him home) and Zach worked from home so we had a terrific day of relaxation and coffee/cocoa.

For just 15 minutes the kids played outside. Turns out they didn’t enjoy the blizzard-y winds and such, not that I blamed them as I was cozy and warm drinking coffee and reading my book…inside.

Dailah and Tariku have been sledding for pretty much 3 days straight. Tariku gets the sled up the hill, Dailah sits in it, Tariku pushes her down then chases her and brings it back up.

I know, I know…you want to squeeze them don’t you?

Tariku writing his list to Santa-notice in particular the tongue of concentration.

And the completed list.

Every year we go outside, come inside and have hot cocoa while writing Santa. I’ve let them progress to actual coffee mugs and they love this for some reason. I personally think it’d be worth it even if they broke one.

I’m fairly certain all of them were particularly cute today. But this girl, was killing me. I stepped back and couldn’t believe how much she’s grown. These are 3t PJs, I swear they fit yesterday. Today? Clearly not so much.

The kids love making forts/beds. This one was for their stuffed animals.

I payed particular attention to this blanket. It’s the one we sent Tariku while he was in the care center. It’s traveled a lot of miles and it’s (and we) are no worse for the wear.

Ending the night with a little “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Tariku saw daddy’s hat and just slipped it on. A little (what was that mouse’s name?) but a lotta cute.

A very good day indeed.

One thought on “Snow Day!

  1. "Tariku gets the sled up the hill, Dailah sits in it, Tariku pushes her down then chases her and brings it back up." –> Dude, I'm totally gonna give my bro heck for not being this helpful in our sledding days!!OMG, blanket forts were AWESOME!!

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