I wanted to record their lists in case I somehow manage to misplace them.

-DS (not going to happen)
-Nerf Gun Wii game
-Adventure Journal
-Berenstein Bears (about 10 different book titles)
-Silver Surfer sleeping bag
-Wakeboard (what?!?!?!)
-Advent calenders for next year
-Super Hero toy kitchen
-1 brother and 1 sister
-Zoo Zoo pets/house
-Ben 10

-DS (also not going to happen)
-Green sleeping bags
-10 brothers and sisters (not likely)
-green journal
-little green sled
-green toy kitchen
-Santa Berenstein Bears book
-Super Why toys
-green bunk bed
-Indiana Jones legos
-green Power Ranger toy
-Santa toy and lights

-coffee maker (?)
-my own hot chocolate
-pink chair
-5 pink pens
-pink sleeping bag
-new princess underwear
-pink journal
-pink book
-bring my little sister home
-Dora toy
-pink dolly

If you notice one common denominator (other than randomness) you’ll notice siblings. Through no encouragement from me, every single one requested this. I think they feel like Zach and I feel, that we’re just not done yet. That they deserve a few more kids to play with and push down in the sled.

These many months since we started actively looking at the next adoption (coming up on a year January 5) have been some of the craziest. The ups and downs of adoption, as we say. But this adoption is so different than Tariku’s. Tariku’s came relatively easily (can you even believe I’m saying that?) with sadly, little prayer or room for patience on our part. This last year has been a year full of prayer, full of leaning on each other, full of hope. Zach and I have never been closer and I think so much of that is due to, of course prayer, but also fighting for the same thing. Building our family in this most amazing way.

Though the kids won’t be getting that checked off their list this year, we are hoping, with a little patience and a lot of God’s blessing, we can get it for them for next year.

9 thoughts on “Lists

  1. I just have to delurk to tell you that Tariku reminds me so much of my 3 year old, both in appearance and personality. All your kids are so beautiful!

  2. You know we are waiting ever so not patiently for you to get over the time you need to be patient. Got that?If there's another Tariku out there I will fall over. Can the world handle so much?

  3. LOVED the Berenstein Bears!!!…it appears as though Trysten is the only one who doesn't discriminate against other colors, lol. ;PBy the way, is it pronounced D[AY]lah or D[I]lah?May GOD continue to BLESS you ALL through the next adoption process… 🙂

  4. Gee, if only you knew what Tariku and Doozy's favorite colors were, it would make gift giving so much easier…. 😉 Nice to see that Trysten doesn't discriminate, and loves the whole rainbow!

  5. Good lists, Cullen asked Santa if he could get a sister then added "or don't you have any in your bag?" I never saw that one coming:)I look forward to reading about the journey to your next child(ren)!

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