to do this week.

-I have to learn all new material for my 3 classes. That means memorizing 3 hours of moves, cues, etc. I like to wait until the very last moment. Makes me feel alive.

-Some work for Water. I know I’ve said this before, but you should be excited about what’s to come. ‘Cuz ladies and gents, it’ll rock your world.

-Zach and I did some budgeting tonight. Budgeting also makes me feel alive. Alive and poor. Which sounds like a joke but it isn’t. Because I know I’m not poor but that I am alive. In other words, Zach and I are dedicated more than ever to stop the madness.

-My mom-in-law is getting her hip replaced tomorrow. So I plan on making some food, having the kids do some crafts and praying lots. Terre, act surprised when you receive these things. 🙂

-I need to get tax stuff together because that money will make me feel more alive when it comes to the budget.

-I just noticed Zach recorded “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” on the DVR. Oddly, it makes me love him more.

-Last night Tariku and I were talking about Ethiopia. Zach and I were re-enacting the first time we saw Tariku (which he loves). Then Tariku says, “I don’t remember anything about Ethiopia but when you got on a bus and left me.” Yup, that’s what he remembers. The first day we met Tariku they only let us stay for a few hours and then we had to leave (it really does make sense). Tariku was crying so the nannies were translating that we would come back.

I’m fairly certain he held on to that memory to protect himself. I think he kept that in the front of his mind so that, in the beginning, when he’d feel happy or start to fall in love with us he’d go, “Nope”. “Don’t do that, they’re just going to get on a bus and leave you.”

He’d never told me he remembered that. Broke my heart. But I think the fact that he told me is a good sign. Right?

Man I love that kid. He cracks me up.

-That’s it. Oh, and take pictures of the kids. I think it’s been weeks.

4 thoughts on “Lots

  1. Sweet boy! I think it is wonderful he told you about it. Mihiret just tells us that she cried when we met her because she did NOT want to meet us : )..I think she knew that meeting the people in the pictures meant another change was comingSweet kids!

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