Off to Seattle!

Today, after a brief stop at Adventureland, I am heading to Seattle. My parents, sister/brother-in-law and brother/sister-in-law are taking the kiddos for the rest of the week so that I can jet off to visit friends. (It’s summer camp season, Zach will be holding down the home front with his 12 hour days-God bless him).

I’m going to visit Jody and most of these women. I am really, really excited.

And though I think at this point I might be the only one of those women still blogging regularly (ahem) I am so thankful for the blogging world that brought us all together originally.

In other news, as I was choosing my outfit today I thought probably I should wear a nice pair of underwear, you know, in case the plane crashes and I’m rushed to the hospital or something. Then I realized if the worst happened, Zach wouldn’t be able to identify my body if it were suited up in nice underwear. 😉

To Seattle!

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